Low Set Fee Listing Service

Our Average Customer Saves $5,100



Commissions to Real Estate Brokers, to both the Listing Agent and the Buyer’s Agent are typically paid by the Seller at closing.  Commissions are not regulated or predetermined but are typically 6% paid to the Listing Agency.  If there is a Buyer’s Agent representing the buying party, the Listing Agency will split the 6% so that 3% will distribute to the Listing Agency and 3% to the Buyer’s Agency.


  1.  Full Service – Full Commission
    Many agencies spend a great deal of money to promote their listings, stage the properties with professional stagers, professional photography, pre-inspections, individual websites, professionally printed marketing materials for the home and the list goes on.  Their customer’s expect and pay for a lot of extra attention.
  2.  Full Service – Set Fee or Fee for Services
    The “in-betweener” brokerage that will perform all of the traditional listing functions, at a low set fee.  The seller may participate in some tasks to save the broker time, which translates into savings for you.  For example, Open Houses could be performed by the Seller’s, as an example.
  3. Limited Service – Low Set Fee – Very Limited Services
    These agencies are typically “MLS Only” broker’s.  The seller will perform most, if not all, of the broker’s marketing, negotiating, contract and money tasks.  The main function of Limited Service, is to get the home into the Multiple Listing Service.


We are a #2, a traditional real estate brokerage helping buyer’s find homes and seller’s market their homes for a low set fee .   We’ve found that many of our customer’s are former For Sale By Owner’s or FSBO’s, that need some help but don’t want to pay full commissions.


  1. If you buy a home and allow us to represent you, we will sell your home for no listing agency commission.
  2. If you don’t need to buy a home, we will sell your home for $1,950.


  • We have been helping buyer’s and seller’s in Charlotte, since 2003.  With hundreds of transactions closed, we have working knowledge and experience that will benefit you.

    We are so thankful to Mike Wenger. After two years on the market and several other so called “full service” real estate agents, we had still not sold our beautiful home. We had already moved out and were worried that we might never be able to sell the house. Only days after we contracted with Mike, we had several people interested in our house, accepted one offer and later closed on it. Mike’s knowledge and positive attitude got us through and gave us cause for celebration!

    W&D G. Sellers
  • We use the newest technology to create efficiencies.  We pass these cost savings on to you, as a lower commission rate.
  • We will perform the following, when listing your home;
    • perform a market analysis to help you decide on the list price
    • complete the NC Listing Agreement and additional paperwork necessary
    • walk-through the home with seller’s to give feedback on things that may help with marketability like;  de-cluttering, paint colors, furniture placement, accents, landscape, staging & repairs.
    • measure the home
    • take digital pictures
    • plant the sign and attach the SUPRA Lock Box
    • discuss and setup the appointment center
    • create diagrams of the home and measurements
    • enter into the MLS
    • help with showings if buyer doesn’t have an agent
    • negotiate the best possible contract
    • guide the process through escrow
    • help prepare and negotiate the Due Diligence Agreement
    • prepare for closing
    • attend closing
    • pickup sign/lock box




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