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About Me

Moving is a very stressful and physically demanding life event.  I like to say that touching everything you own and moving it somewhere is unbelievably exhausting.  Now factor in the actual buying and selling processes and the costs and it becomes overwhelming.

Fair-Way Realty was opened out of frustration with the process and as a solution that could help other’s.  As a pay for service fee model,  I have set fees that are specific to a bundle of services.  This is no different than any professional service company.  The fees are based on how much involvement a customer wants to have in the transaction.

This company exists because of the customer’s and I keep that in the front of my mind at all times.  I strive to do the right things, quickly and with integrity.  Putting my customer’s best interest in front of my own, returning calls quickly, providing accurate information, negotiating to get the best deal and making sure closings happen .  I want each transaction to be error and stress free.

-Mike Wenger, -Broker / Owner-



Mike Wenger, Broker
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